Slimline Book Holder (300mm)

Slimline Book Holder

AUD$14.95 + GST



Designed for use on slatwall, our Slimline Acrylic Book Holders have been carefully designed to maximise the capacity of freight boxes. In turn, minimising the cost of international freight. In doing so, we have not compromised on our commitment to quality and functionality. 

The key design features include:

  • 300mm Wide x 90mm tall
  • Manufactured from 4.5mm clear aircraft grade acrylic minimises the chance of breakage
  • Reinforced moulded anchors for insertion into slatwall extrusion (many suppliers create these out of bent acrylic, in turn increasing the chances of breakage)
  • Designed to sit tight to the slatwall (reduces breakage and looks more professional)
  • Flame polished edges to increase safety and eliminate sharp edges
  • Carefully angled to reduce the likelihood of books falling forward

Maximising impact:

On average, the typical bay end will hold 2 book holders per strip of metal extrusion (lip into which the holder anchors). The amount of rows that you display will be dependent on the height of your shelving/slatwall panel. For example, a 1500mm bay end panel should accommodate 4 rows.