Library Section Divider

Section Dividers

AUD$19.95 + GST



To compete with online resources, Non Fiction must be easy to navigate. These shelf based section dividers enable you to flag as many topics or genres as you wish and in turn, encourage customers to browse on impulse.

Self-supporting, the base of these L-shaped Section Dividers sits under books, allowing each to be easily moved as the collection size changes.

Designed in conjunction with International Library Consultant Kevin Hennah, our signage is customised to meet the practical needs to libraries, whilst allowing you to supplement traditional Dewey-driven signage.

  • Navigate the Collection with ease whilst improving overall image
  • Custom text printed directly onto the sign
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable polypropylene
  • No sharp edges or corners
  • The depth of each fin is 230mm, with 100mm of this visible (extending beyond books)
  • Fitting comfortably into most shelving, each sign is 240mm tall

Be inspired by a list of over 500 genre titles, or nominate what you would like written and we will tailor text to your needs at no extra cost. 

Colour Variation:

Section Dividers are also available in easy to clean white polypropylene. If this is your preference and you plan to use directional signage at the top of bays, we suggest creating uniformity by selecting white acrylic signs with black text for the top of each bay/section. A popular solution is our acrylic landscape signage (in white)