Library Design, Makeovers & Reinvigorations

Merchandising Libraries products are designed in close conjunction with Library Consultant & Public Speaker, Kevin Hennah
Library Design Consultant - Kevin Hennah

Kevin has carried out approximately 2000 onsite consultations at libraries internationally. He has a wealth of experience in library design and refurbishment and is passionate about keeping libraries relevant.

Kevin has also designed a suite of dynamic professional development workshops and keynote presentations which showcase innovation in library design through to self-managed budget makeovers. These workshops have been delivered throughout Asia, Europe, The USA, Canada, The United Arab Emirates and Australia.

As a direct result of Kevin Hennah’s workshops and consultations, many libraries have reported a significant increase in both customers and loans – because, in Kevin’s words, “Change is inevitable, yet maintaining relevance is a matter of choice!”

Seeking guidance on library-specific design? An injection of fresh ideas to makeover your library on a limited budget? Or perhaps an inspirational speaker for your next event?

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