Bee Set

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Acrylic Bees with Hive

As one of the world’s most important pollinators of food crops, our food supply largely relies on bees’ work. They also play a vital role in preserving biodiversity and ecosystem health. Without them, many ecosystems would be altered or cease to exist.

Habitat loss, farming practices, pests and diseases have brought about a decline in the number and diversity of bees. This art installation set makes an interesting talking point and learning opportunity and, in addition, adds visual interest to your space.

Bee sets are available in two sizes:

Small Set / 43 Bees:

  • 7x Large Bees – 250mm
  • 9x Medium Bees – 180mm
  • 18x Small Bees – 100mm
  • 9x Extra Small Bees – 60mm

Large Set / 25 Bees:

  • 3x Large Bees – 400mm
  • 5x Medium Bees – 250mm
  • 6x Small Bees – 150mm
  • 11x Extra Small Bees – 100mm

Team any bee set with the hive below (sold separately)


Our beehive comes as a set of 84x full hexagons and 26x half hexagons

Each Hexagon is 100mm x 87mm with a self-install template to help create any shape you desire.

High-resolution print to 3mm thick acrylic creates an almost 3D effect. The adhesive backing is applied for an easy peel-and-stick installation.

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