Acrylic Bookends

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Clear Acrylic Book Ends are an innovative way to reveal hundreds of colourful book covers that are hidden and in turn, maximise loan potential.

Fabricated from robust 4mm thick aircraft grade acrylic with flame polished edges for additional safety.

The base features a beveled edge to assist with installation, a rear support foot and anti-slip clear rubber feet.

NB: To uphold Merchandising Libraries high quality standards, we have used 4mm thick acrylic. This will not result in books sitting visible higher, however being slightly thicker than the stand metal option, you may need to lift books slightly (as opposed to sliding them) when installing.

Fiction Acrylic Book Ends:
Ideal for Fiction book.

Height: 180mm
Width: 140mm
Base: 85mm

Non Fiction Acrylic Book Ends:
Designed to offer additional support for larger and heavier books.

Height: 260mm
Width: 205mm
Base: 130mm

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