Dinosaur Collection

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Dinosaurs with Prehistoric Setting

Prehistoric life is a source of endless fascination with children and often begins around 3-years of age.

Designed to drive curiosity around how dinosaurs lived, ate and how evolved over 165 million years on earth, our build your own prehistoric setting can be tailor to any size wall.

Dinosaurs are printed to 5mm thick foam board with adhesive backing for wall-mounting.

The only exception is the pterodactyl which is printed to on 3mm acrylic so that it can be hung to create dimension and maximum impact. (hang wires included)

All dinosaurs and the pterodactyl are sold individually, though we recommend you use more than one to create maximum impact.

Given their size and to make freight possible, dinosaurs are created and cut in a “jigsaw” like fashion and seamlessly join together.


• Triceratops: 2600mm x 1850mm
• T-REX: 2500mm x 1735mm
• T-REX (Variation): 2100mm x 1985mm
• Dilophosaurus: 850mm x 600mm
• Raptor: 980mm x 700mm
• Pterodactyl – 880mm x 630mm

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