Vinyl Window Names

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Sold in sets of 5x names, these stylish text-based window decals are commonly used in two ways:

1. To add visual interest to office and workroom windows whilst also providing a distraction from the interior of the workspace.

2. As a decorative ‘footer’ to full scale windows and doors.

The width of the text (given it’s on its side) is 50mm.

We suggest approximately 50-100mm between each word, and the supplied jig has a spacing of 75mm. As such, a 1-metre window will require approximately five words.

The longest word cannot exceed 11 characters, which equates to a 750mm height when on its side. Nominate words of varying lengths to create variable heights.

These decals work particularly well in frosted vinyl, though we can also offer black and white or customised colours.

Author names are a popular choice. Refer to our list for those commonly nominated, though we’re able to produce any others you’d like to add.

You might also get creative and create a different theme, such as values, learner profiles, or anything culturally significant to your school or community.

The installation jig is included to assist with installation.

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