Koi Set

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Translucent Window Decals

Koi are considered by some cultures as symbols of luck, friendship, peace, and perseverance. In Feng Shui, koi paintings represent abundance, wealth and new opportunities. This, combined with their colour and sense of tranquility make them the idea subject for translucent window decals.

Whilst some may choose these as an art installation, they can also serve a practical function by distracting from the inside of meeting rooms or offices, whilst still providing a view in and out. Sold as a set, complete with decorative coral. These easy to install translucent vinyl decals can be spaced at your discretion to fill available space.

Small Koi Set:

  • 1x Grey Koi – 900mm x 575mm
  • 1x Orange White & Black Koi – 900mm x 500mm
  • 1x Orange Koi – 970mm x 490mm
  • 1x Red & White Koi – 315mm x 280
  • 1x Purple Coral – 700mm x 700mm
  • 1x Rainbow Coral – 900mm x 635mm
  • 1x Blue Coral – 525mm x 490mm
  • 1x Orange Coral – 585mm – 370mm

Large Koi Set:

  • 1x Large Grey Koi – 1030mm x 560mm
  • 1x Large Orange Koi – 970mm x 450mm
  • 1x Large Red & White Koi – 910mm x 795mm
  • 1x Large Orange White & Black Koi – 950mm x 560mm
  • 1x Small Grey Koi – 420mm x 260mm
  • 1x Small Red & White Koi – 325mm x 250mm
  • 1x Small Orange White & Black Koi
  • 1x Coral & Seagrass – 970mm x 515mm
  • 1x Seagrass – 885mm x 395mm
  • 1x Large Rainbow Coral – 935mm x 630mm
  • 1x Yellow Coral – 915mm x 760mm
  • 1x Navy Coral – 615mm x 610mm
  • 2x Pink Coral – 575mm x 340mm
  • 1x Small Rainbow Coral – 535mm x 380mm
  • 1x Purple Coral – 466mm x 415mm
  • 1x Large Blue Shrub Coral – 395mm – 370mm
  • 1x Small Blue Shrub Coral – 290mm x 255mm

Customisation: Sizes can be adjusted and alternative artwork can be printed. Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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