Mirrored Butterflies

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Create your own impressive installation art with our beautiful, shiny, mirrored butterflies. Unlike standard mirror, these are cut from mirrored acrylic, making them more robust.

Strong velcro dots are used to apply them to walls, making them easy to remove or relocate if required. We suggest you apply the velcro to the LHS wing on some and the RHS wing on others
to help create more sense of depth and movement.

Whilst they present well on a white wall, you also might consider adding them to a coloured feature wall for extra impact. When installing, cluster some add and let others stray from the
swarm. We also suggest creating a mock-up first using Post-it notes or something similar.

Once you are happy with the layout, simply replace the paper with the butterflies.

Each set consists of 20 butterflies measuring 135mm wide and 100mm tall. This is sufficient to to make quite a statement, though you might consider an extra set for added impact.

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