Monarch Butterflies

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Monarch Butterflies

With brilliant orange wings that are laced with black lines and bordered with white spots, the Monarch is one of the most recognisable butterflies in the world.

In some cultures, butterflies are seen as a symbol of transformation, hope and spiritual development. Whether symbolic or decorative, our sets of sets of butterflies will add visual interest to any flat surface you choose to decorate.

A set comprises of 12 large butterflies, each measuring 300mm x 212mm.

Artwork is printed onto 3mm clear acrylic. Rather than supply these flat, we have created a subtle bend in the acrylic allowing you to apply them at different angles to create an impressive 3D effect.

At Merchandising Libraries, we aim to minimise waste, so rather than discard excess acrylic in the printing process, we have managed to produce a further 21 tiny butterflies when producing a large set.

These measure 78 x 55mm (flat) and are yours free when purchasing the standard set of 12 large butterflies.

We think they’d make a great giveaway for customers who admire your wall art, or you might decide to use them creatively elsewhere at your library.

Set of 12 large butterflies supplied with velcro dots to rear for easy installation / relocation

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